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I have been marbling, teaching, creating collage, and writing books about paper art for almost 30 years.

Although I am known for my books and decorative papers, my focus for many years has been on creating paper collage. I begin my collages by marbling, paste painting, and dyeing paper to create the colors and textures that are essential to my artwork. Then I tear, cut and combine multiple layers of patterned papers with handmade papers to represent surrealistic landscapes and fanciful seascapes. Most have considerable dimension, approaching paper sculpture.

An imaginary woodland plant on a mossy slope, a romanticized view of a mountain in Autumn, or a rogue ocean wave might become the subject of a work. Although most of my collage art depicts fictional scenes, memories of places I’ve visited may also appear in my work. Alaskan glacial streams, New Mexican mesas, and exotic plants seen in Indonesia, New Zealand, and Hawaii have all inspired my paper collage